By paying for the Clinic’s services, I fully agree to the terms and conditions Offer Agreement


Payment rules for therapy:


  1. The Customer pays 100% of the cost of the service until 20:00 p.m. on the day preceding the reception.

If the prepayment is not made on time, the appointment is automatically canceled. On the day of payment, the administrator will call you and remind you in advance. If you do not respond and do not pay, the appointment is cancelled and an SMS message will be sent.

You can pay in any way for the visit — in cash, card, online payments via your User account. For access to your personal account, contact your administrator. Prepayment is made in advance to the Customer’s deposit account. The deposit account shows all amounts of received advance payments and the amount of payment debited for services rendered. To check your account status, contact your administrator. The administrator will provide up-to-date information, as well as access to the User account, where you can monitor the account on your own.


  1. If there are two unpaid bills or the total amount of debt exceeds 10000 rubles, the Clinic will be forced to suspend the Customer service until the debt is fully repaid.

If the Patient reaches these conditions, all his/her appointments will be automatically cancelled, and further recording will be blocked. The Patient will be notified of that by SMS. When the debt is fully repaid, the Patient is unblock within an hour, the recording option is restored, and the Patient has an SMS notification of the recovery.

By agreement, under the personal responsibility of the receiving specialist of the Clinic, the Patient can pay by installments, but no more than for two consecutive appointments. Further, the automated system will not allow to record this Patient for the next appointment until the debt is fully paid.


  1. Please kindly inform us if your appointment is canceled.

Appointments that are rescheduled or canceled on the day-to-day basis shall be charged.  is possible until the end of the business day preceding the visit day. The therapist will book the time and office, so no one else can use the therapist’s services or the clinical office at this time.


An exception is made for the following:

— transfer to another time on the same day, if it is convenient for the therapist and there is a free office;

— the force majeure (definition of force majeure is discussed with the therapist).