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Dmitry Komarov

About me

I am a practicing psychiatrist and psychotherapist. I have obtained my medical degree in I.M. Sechenov First Medical University of Moscow in 2011. Concluded residenship in psychiatry and later launched studying and practicing cognitive-behavioral therapy under guidance of leading russian specialists in the area. I was working in the Affective and Anxiety Disorders department in Research Institute of Psychiatry for several years. During this period I’ve merged into treating obsessive-compulsive and panic affected patients and attending seminars of world-renown mentors on CBT: Paul Salkovskis, David D. Clark, David Veale, Stefan Hoffman, Yorgen Margraf, Sarah Rakovshik, Richard Ohring.
I treat all types of anxiety disorders – OCD, panic disorder, agoraphobia, social anxiety, generalized anxiety disorder – including the most severe and life-lasting cases which demand careful combination of psychotherapy and medication. I build up my practice in accordance with modern European standards.
I will be able to help you if:
– you suffer from episodes of intense fear for your life and health
– ‎you are preoccupied with topics of dirt, bacteria, order, violent thoughts, sexual orientation
– ‎ you are constantly keyed up and jittery
– ‎you are obliged to lead a secluded life due to anxiety about people’s opinion of you
– you are currently taking a psychotropic medication, but not fully satisfied with its efficacy.

The methods I use in my practice are:
– cognitive-behavioral therapy
– exposure and reasponce prevention (ERP)
– accentance and commitment therapy ‎(ACT)
– mindfulness
– pharmacotherapy

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